Red – Theatre Play about Mark Rothko

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Red is a play which covers the life of artist Mark Rothko during a specific part of his career, namely the years of 1958 and 1959. A version of the play has been produced by Blank Space Theatre and has been announced as appearing at The Esplanade. It will be a short run from July 10-13.

Fans of the artist would be wise to check out this show as actors have even be trained in his techniques so that the technical scenes are as realistic as possible. Large amounts of research was completed in order to faithfully reflect an important stage in Rothko’s career within the “Red” play.

Biographies of artists have consistently proven good choices for theatre and film, with another film about Jackson Pollock also claiming critical approval in recent years.

The original play was developed in London before moving across to the United States. A fuller description on the play can be found on Wikipedia. It has been around since 2009 and now appeared at several locations on either sides of the pond, receiving several awards during this time.


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