Untitled purple, white and red is an oil on canvas painting by artist Mark Rothko in 1953. The artwork is a colour field painting that is one of the artist's mature works in the 20th century based on abstract expressionism. The artist uses three-stack blocks in a vertical way with different colours that appears to be of the same size. The rectangles seem to slide in the canvas boundaries saving some inches on the sides of blocks that's width and height. He uses light tints to clearly show the edges of the fields where they interact, achieving the light radiating effect from the picture itself. The artist paints a red-violet rectangular image that's longer than the other two blocks by ten inches on the top block. This gives the art a hierarchical order view from the top to the bottom. The artist uses several tints of colours in the top rectangle creating a misty or a blemished form in the edge with a minor stain. In that way, it looks like a blue-violet colour on both the left and bottom sides, where the right and top side of the block look like he used a magenta colour. After the top rectangle, he paints another white block where he uses light shades of Pyrrole orange and ochre under the white pigment layers. The edges of this block are shades of titanium white and misty corrals like the previous rectangle. Finally, the last rectangle has the same size as the middle one, with both cool and warm red with a misty cohabitation as before. But, the last block's borders are a bit niftier than the previous one giving a more comprehensive look than its predecessor. The artist makes the three rectangles lie above a taupe tint uniform in colour, and it spreads out, covering the outmost edges of the picture. Over this setting, the use of different colours brings out a luminance superficially lessening from inside. In that way, the artist gives the image a smooth fineness and a dull finish besides being communicative. Untitled purple, white and red gives as shaking presentation due to the interaction of lines, colours, and shapes that attract attention. Mark Rothko uses this art to convey human emotions and his experience in religion. The Location of Untitled Purple, White and Red by Mark Rothko The Untitled Purple, White and red artwork is located in the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US. Artist Inspired by Mark Rothko Mark Rothko inspired many artists in his time, including Adam Collier Noel, Koen Lybaert, Kevin Stamper, Francesca Gnagnerella and Jessy Cho. Who Inspired Mark Rothko Mark Rothko was significantly inspired by Matisse's red studio, which is seen in his artwork by using deep colour blocks bravely, which are similar to Matisse paintings.