One of the most successful arts produced by Mark Rothko was "white cloud over purple", which was introduced in 1995. The above abstract art is made of a large orange canvas containing three blocks, each painted horizontally in different colours onto the surface. "White cloud over purple" art formed a big part of Mark Rothko's multiform series that signified the transition to produce a more mature and classic abstract style. He is celebrated for his iconic and large colour field paintings comprising of glowing colours. The method used to paint "white cloud over purple" painting by Mark Rothko is unique to achieve luminosity by quickly applying washes of oil paint. With the obsession with colours, Mark Rothko composed most of his paintings like a "white cloud over purple" to show viewers' different emotions. In the "white cloud over purple" painting, the rectangular and soft form is visible on the canvas. This art significantly contributed to American art society and is considered one of the 20th century's essential arts. The dimension of "white cloud over purple" is approximately 33ꓫ 33CM if framed and 21ꓫ21 CM image size. Mark Rothko is famously known for his expressionist painting abstracts. He was an American artist coming of Latvian Jewish descent. Since he wanted his work to be a genuine reflection of himself, the best way to understand his art is by standing in front of them to learn beyond the canvas image. This way, Rothko decided to submerge the intended feeling in one of the greatest works: "white cloud over purple". In most of Mark Rothko's paintings, a lot of attention is directed to formal properties like colours, depth, balance, scale, and composition to induce a certain feeling. In the "white cloud over purple" 1957 art, he decided to use a thin layer of paint to reduce the depth and add luminosity while making the vast canvas scale to ensure meditative effects. Mark Rothko's paintings have been reproduced in different art houses to ensure everyone has a glimpse of the artist's best abstract. Now you can buy a framed "white cloud over purple", 1957 by the abstractionist Mark Rothko. The painting work of Mark Rothko did not result from one idea. He used years of consulting and looking into other artwork like native American arts, bands of figures, and Greek vases to develop something extraordinary. The current location of "White cloud over purple" painting by Mark Rothko artist right society, New York. The emotional part of Mark Rothko helped in the creation of his most excellent painting.