Mark Rothko's paintings are pretty authentic, and most of them are very valuable. In 1960, Mark Rothko completed 19 illustrations, and Untitled, 1960 is one of the most famous paintings he ever did. Untitled, 1960 was critically acclaimed, and it is further distinguished by its connection to Peggy Guggenheim, a renowned philanthropist in the 20th century. The original painting was auctioned in New York, but it has toured various countries, including England, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Untitled 1960 beautifully illustrate Mark's creative crescendo and maturation in the world of art. In this particular painting, Mark abandoned his trademark use of bright colors he was known for in the 1950s and embraced romantic spiritual and romantic burgundies and reds. Untitled 1960 appearance The deep burgundy color and a mixture of royal blue, cloud-white, and black-grey is something he had done before but differently in his famed 1958 Seagram Murals. Still, Untitled 1960 is a masterpiece that will allow you to experience Mark's painting reality. According to the senior vice president of Sotheby's contemporary art department in New York, the painting features all the expressive and transcendent qualities of Mark's 1950s paintings. However, there is a nuance to its surface and layering of colors that creates a compelling sense of movement, breath, vibration, and life. Untitled 1960 meaning Like other Mark Rothko's paintings, Untitled 1960 has been interpreted in various ways by various people. But in the end, the painting creates an artistic movement that provides an experience of reality. Rothko, however, did not provide a specified interpretation of this particular painting, but he believed in its symbolic and metaphorical meaning. Untitled 1960 whereabouts Untitled, 1960 was auctioned in 2019 and became one of the most expensive Mark's paintings, fetching $50.1 million from an anonymous buyer. The price range, according to SFMOMA, was between 25 million and 50 million dollars. One of the critical reasons the painting was considered so valuable is the fact that Mark painted during the start of his dark years. Mark Rothko committed suicide in 1970, and the decade leading to his death marked a change in his paintings as they became darker and darker as opposed to the bright colors people were used to. The paintings he created in this decade are considered his masterpiece work, and they are highly valued. Untitled 1960 alternatives Other paintings painted by Mark Rothko during the dark years include Untitled (black and grey) 1970, untitled (blue divided by blue) 1966, and Blue, Orange, Red 1961. Mark Rothko's paintings are available on various platforms, and you can buy original paintings or purchase replicas for a lower price on online stores, including Amazon.