Untitled 1951-55 is a painting on silkscreen done by Mark Rothko around 1951. This was one of his many untitled paintings that involved vivid colours in evoking emotions. In fact, much of his work involved painting contrasting colours to send his message across. In this image, he has painted a landscape, which is predominantly solid yellow. However, there is a strip of pink at the bottom of the artwork. Mark loved making large fieldwork paintings with unbroken surfaces. In this case, yellow was the primary colour, with pink painted on top of dried yellow paint. He would then make several strokes of each colour to enhance its solid feel across the silkscreen. Unlike other colour images he made in the past, this one does not have a dramatic contrast. The small size of the pink strip does create some contrast, but the large size of the yellow overshadows i. It is a simple painting but hasa significant impact on how the viewer perceives it. Style of the Painting This is an abstract type of art that does not follow the rules of painting like traditional art. Here,the artist does not try to depict visual reality by painting shapes and forms that the audience can identify in real life. Instead, they use colours, shapes, and forms to create his art piece and include the desired effects. In Mark's case, he uses two different colours to create a dynamism in his solid colour landscape painting. One of the main characteristics of abstract paints is the use of geometric shapes. Artists use geometric shapes to create dynamism and break the monotony when moving to the second and third colours. In the case with Untitled 1951-55, Mark has used a rectangle to create the pink strip at the bottom of the painting. Besides, abstract paintings use texture, with various parts of the image having a contrasting texture to enhance the dynamism effect. In this masterpiece, the entire solid colour is smooth and does not seem to have more than one texture type. However, the pink colour seems to be a little rough and more pronounced, making it immediately recognisable whenever one looks at the image. Meaning of the Image Yellow is associated with energy, happiness, joy, and the sun. This painting invokes these positive feelings in the mind of the viewer while bringing forth calmness. For spiritualists, yellow shows intellect, wisdom, clarity, and concentration. In addition, the pink strip at the bottom of the image adds a bit of love and loyalty to the masterpiece.