Mark Rothko New York Exhibition – The Watercolors 1941-47

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A New York exhibition aims to draw attention to some of the lesser known styles used by artist Mark Rothko during his influential career across the 20th century. “The Watercolors 1941-47” will offer many Rothko fans a focus on an area of his career that they may be less familiar with, as the media continues to concentrate on his abstract blocks of colour that came about later in his career.

The exhibition includes around 30 artworks from an experimental period in Rothko’s career, all on paper with ink, graphite and charcoal plus several unusual techniques adjoining Rothko’s watercolors.

The items here can be classified loosely as Surrealism, and whilst Mark Rothko was to move on from this later on, he still viewed watercolors, and the mixed media approach that he used with it, as a trusted method of painting.

You can find out more on this Mark Rothko New York exhibition here.


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  1. what are the dates? was just at MOMA last week, asked about Rothkos, and was sent to two hanging oils. what’s going on here? thanks, n

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